For the nth time, President Muhammadu Buhari has avowed that the feared Boko Haram agitators have been crushed in the North East area of the country.

Buhari put forth the expression at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State while flagging off 2019 presidential campaign of the (APC).

The Nigeria President, who was flanked by the party’s stalwarts, kept up that the extremists have been removed from Borno and Kebbi States which were their significant fortresses before he ascending the power.

He said “I am remaining here to offer my appreciation and thankfulness to the party for sorting out this social gathering to start the campaign against forthcoming year. You could remember in 2015 when we ventured to every part of the length and breadth of this country, and we put together our campaign concerning three key issues, – security, economy, and fighting corruption. I need the individuals who need to provoke us at any dimension, at any constituency to question our commitments towards our endeavors.

“To start with insecurity in the North East has been defeated as in when we came we met Boko Haram in around 17 local governments in Borno and Yobe states. They are not physically holding any local government (LG) now. They turned to influence our young ones particularly girls. They braced them up in explosives and educated them to uncover themselves in holy places, in Mosques, commercial centers, and motor parks, but I guarantee you that we will tidy them up in our country.”

The President said that Nigerians would dependably be educated on the advancement being made to recoup stolen funds and that ”Nigerians won’t lament casting us their vote into office”.

He stated that his administration has conveyed on his promises in 2015 relied on security, economy and fighting corruption and asked the electorate to give him another term in office to solidify on his accomplishments.

The National leader of the APC party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu ripped into formal Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, portraying his remark on the 2019 spending plan as ”shallow and loaded with logical inconsistencies”.

He emphasized that it was just the APC government that would offer hope to the Nigerian individuals and approached the electorate to re-choose him and other competitors of the party across the nation.

He stated: “To bring that hope, solid assurance, we are expanding on another establishment, and that establishment is for you, the young people, the elderly, and tomorrow’s youngsters. Fight for your future, a and fight corruption. Fight rise the 16years that gave you 16years of haziness. If the PDP had focused on one thing just, power, without which there can be no industrialization, without which there can be no advancement, it would have been something more. They said they need to return. We are not bringing you back. No backward move in Nigeria, no backward step in Akwa Ibom.

” We will work with you to rebuild a Nigeria that you can depend on, a Nigeria that isn’t degenerate. Corruption is the best adversary and the malignant growth of advancement in this country. We will keep on fighting it, restore the hope of Nigerians and build a more rugged country.”

National Chairman, Adam Oshomhole, blamed the People’s Democratic Party for participating in mudslinging as opposed to campaigning on issues, reprimanding the PDP for putting an economic in a mess.

”PDP has just put Nigeria on notice that Atiku will move NNPC. What’s more, South-South won’t bolster a government that will privatize our assets”, he said.

National Vice Chairman, South-South, Ntufam Hilliard Etta, implored that Buhari should crush Atiku, expressing that Buhari has maintained the Agriculture sector and likewise reeled out many accomplishments, for example, the school feeding project, development of the second Niger Bridge, streets, railroads and the increase of Police pay.

”He is doing as such much. First, they needed our lion dead, and he didn’t kick the bucket, he ended up more grounded. At that point, they instituted a story that our lion is a Jubril from Sudan, yet their endeavor fizzled”, he said.

Additionally, Director General, Buhari Campaign Organization, Rotimi Amaechi stated, ” I am sure that Nigerians have not heard me for quite a while and the reason you have not heard me is that you don’t talk when you are occupied. We have been generally filled in the previous four years.

“About this time four years back we were running around the country asking Nigerians to change the government of the country. We guaranteed only three things. We pledged to enhance the economy, to improve security, and we promised to fight corruption. Anyone who said we assured that fuel prize would fall must be a mystical performer. We are not voodooed, financial analysts. It was clear what wasn’t right. We got in and saw the difficulties; we never realized that they had stolen all the cash.

” And when we got in we were aware of the assurance that we made. We started that activity, trusting that Nigerians will realize that changes don’t come effectively. Nigerians recognize that before we came to control as governor of Rivers state, I couldn’t rest in Kano, because Kano, Abuja was assaulted. Since we have been in the government till now, no assault had been in Borno, not outside Borno. So have we made any enhancement in security? The appropriate response is yes.

“When we came, things were to a high degree terrible — the elements that we met as far as economy prompted economic recession. We didn’t have a decision however to fight that economic recession. World Bank said that we wouldn’t leave the recession till following three years, we left recession following ten months. We guaranteed to fight corruption, are we fighting corruption, the appropriate response is yes.

As far as concerns him, Senator Godswill Akpabio complimented the President for picking the state to flag off the campaign and confirmed that the party would clear the zone, noticing that ”this decision is about trustworthiness”.

”It is about honesty versus others. He has the virtue to run. We will run this decision based on development. They should hand over”, he stated.

The high purpose of the rally was the introduction of the party flags to the four governorship hopeful of the South-South, specifically, Obong Nsima Ekere, Akwa Ibom state; Senator John Eno, Cross River, Chief Great Ogboru, Delta and Arc. Tony Cole, Rivers State.


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