The Lagos State House of Assembly, yesterday, portrayed the allegation by the state government that its declined to have a statutory majority to get the 2019 Appropriation Bill as ridiculous, baseless and does not hold water.


Lagos Budget: Allegation by state govt ridiculous — Lawmakers, Lagos Budget: Allegation by state govt ridiculous — Lawmakers, NewsExtra


Remember that the State Government had denounced the Assembly for postponement of the 2019 Appropriation Bill.

Responding to the allegations, few lawmakers, who talked with Vanguard on the state of anonymity, said the House has not yielded to release its legal commitments in the matter of lawmaking.

The lawmakers blamed the state government for neglecting to pursue the tradition of budget presentation as given by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

One of the lawmakers, who referred to Section 121 stated: “The state governor should present the state budget to the House of Assembly either by a representative or by himself.

“The Budget would now be committed to first and second reading. The second reading would be exposed to analysis where the legitimacy and bad mark of the budget proposal would be discussed and from that point, committed to the House Committee on Budget and Appropriation. That is the traditional way.”

Budget 2019 and the blind leading the blind

Another source revealed to Vanguard that the House went on recess on 18 December 2018 including that there was no chance the budget would have been snuck into the Assembly.

The lawmaker stated: “Let me reveal to you the reality, the governor knows the tradition of introducing the budget and it will be extremely uncalled for of him to blame the lawmakers for rejecting the budget. The entire procedure was not right. Sending verbal notice without written of letters is off-base.

“The House had gone on recess before the entire budget saga began. I trust the Commissioner did not make the best decision regardless of whether he was sent by his essential to do as such.”

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