Samsung Galaxy M series’s

Samsung is facing a lot of difficulties due to Chinese companies’ smartphones at this time, and for this, he is considering the solution of a new affordable medium device series. Samsung’s first Galaxy M series’s first 3 phones are being introduced in India on 28th of the current month. According to Samsung’s announcement, these three phones will be M10, M20, and M30, with Samsung’s new Internal Virtual Drop display of  Samsung’s first Galaxy M. Basically according to

This is a teardrop display, like a water drop, and surprisingly Sam is being touched in his phones for the first time, even though he has been joking in the past. These three phones have actually been developed by keeping India in mind, where Sam Singh has suffered defeat in the market share of Shi’a.


The features of the Galaxy M series are not currently available. But according to the details released in Amazone India, these phones will be equipped with a dual-backup camera setup. Similarly, the fingerprint will be available on the sensor back, the USB Type C and the headphone jack will be available. Samyam Vice President of India, Sam Singh, told in an interview that it would be ‘cheap phones’ of the company whose prices will be between Rs 10 to 20 thousand Indian rupees (between 19 to 40 thousand Pkr). He said that these phones will also provide sharp charging support with large batteries. Last year, Samsung announced that it is adopting the strategy to introduce new features to the flagship phones in front of flagship phones. Under this strategy, the company introduced the world’s first 4-back cameras Galaxy A9, while Galaxy A8 was the first phone in which the display and display were present in the camera and shape holes. Now, Galaxy M. is the first series of the company in which the new Tear Drop is being displayed. For more info click Samsung galaxy


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