Omar Ak mal says that  Kolkatfteraa Champions Trophy, Pakistan was not thinking of playing trophy. Talking to private TV channel, Kakar Omar Akmal al-Fitr, talking to his wife Noor while saying in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy The crew coach Mickey Orthur had decided to send home from Birmingham, so was very heartfelt. He said that all this was very sad and reaching home was so ruthless that I had thought that now Pakistan’s Not represented

He said that the lady was very confused on my decision and she told me that she did not have to do this. Umar Akmal’s wife is the younger captain of the National National Team and the younger brother of Abdul Qadir of Gugli Bowling. . Omar Akmal says that encouraging his Bagmam’s difficult time gave a new energy and changed his decision, not even his brother Kamran Akmal was told .121 in one-day international match of 31.34 in 314 runs. With 26-year-old Umar Akmal who helped with the series, the return of the national one-day team was in the five-day series against Aslamia in March this year, where Omar Akmal scored 150 runs from the average of 30.00.


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