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Ayat-ullah-janti threaten that they will bury trurmp on the side of shah Iran



Tehran has to threaten each other for serious consequences and continues to face high-pressure claims between Iran and the United Arab Emirates. They are issuing austerity statements against each other. Now that Iranian warrior Ahmad Jinni threatens to kill US President Donald Trump, the most serious threat of his death. He said that the message of our public is America’s death. Just as we buried Rasheed Shah. It was, in the same way, we will also burst President Trump and fall to the US

They said that this year (on the occasion of the Day of Judgment), the message of our people is that if the United States adds hundreds of restrictions, it increases our strength, power, and personal respect. We will not be able to deal with it. They threatened that the message of our people is “dead America” ​​and the way we buried Shah, will burst the trumpet in the same way. And America will also laugh at it. According to Ayatollah Ahmed Jinni, a year old, the US should know that ultimately it will face defeat and Winner I’m not tired and I carry tire.

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