PUBG Game allegedly took the boy’s life in India. The young man was busy playing a game on mobile for 6 hours continuously. According to Bharat TV, the boy’s father, who was killed during the game playing in Madhya Pradesh, said that his son’s cousin was continuous for 6 hours Pocket G Game During this he allegedly had a heart attack and died. Sankan Qureshi, a 16-year-old student, was a 12th class student. Young boy’s father told the media before the crash,

The sectarian Quraishi was playing PocketG game on his smartphone suddenly and said, Explode, Explode. He said that my son was very upset and he was playing the game on Sunday night, which was playing on Sunday night. He said that the sectarian Qureshi slept for some hours in the night and made a big breakfast after dawn Again playing again. After the heart attack, the sects had taken the hospital immediately, but they could not be worried. Psychologists told that when the boy was brought to the hospital, his heart was closed. Today, children get very much involved in video games that cause their death. That is why children want to keep them away from such games. In some cities in the state of Gujarat, there are completely ban on games which cause deaths.


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