kaghan valley

Continued heavy snowfall in the upper parts of the country while the 15-year-old record of snowfall in Valley Kaghan broke out, according to details, in different parts of the valley of Kadesh, shows more than four feet in the showcase, honey, and nanny. Due to snowfall, the communication system has become confusing when the temperature has been recorded at minus 7. Traffic lights have been suspended on many roads, including heavy silk-to-high silk, while electricity in some areas is closed for 14 hours. Due to snowfall in Malakha Kohsar Marri

kaghan valey
kaghan valley

The roads have been closed and there is a severe traffic jam, due to which the fairs of the vehicle are a long queue and the tourists are trapped. Due to rush on roads and traffic jams, there is a problem in cleaning the snow from the machinery. My administration has issued an alert to the tourists to return from the toll plaza, Jhanka road and Loharpura, on which the anger expressed by the tourists. The administration said that the administration is sending back the tourists to hide their disadvantages. Article By newsextra247.com


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