china leads upon america
china leads upon America

China left the United States behind


Washington (CNI) senior US officials say China has left America in the race to install a high-speed Sonic-gold missile by eliminating the current aerial surveillance system. According to the report of the Rashtrapati Rivers report, the missiles It is difficult to identify and prevent it due to moving speed and movement. These missiles run at speed at 5 times high speed, which is about 6200 km / h in the speed of air.

American and other Western weapons According to researchers, some of them have a capacity of 25,000 kilometers per hour Admiral Harry, former head of US Pacific Pacific Command, said in February last year that Hyper Sonic Weapon is a modern technology in which China has left the U.S. military and it has the US threatens to interfere with the Asia Pacific region. In April, the US Under Secretary Defense told the Senate Armageddon Committee that China has deployed high-power systems with conventional warheads, or are close to the deployment of Chinese shores. We can set thousands of kilometers of travel, and this threatens the US base We did not have any system to combat it. Cross already had hyper-weapon weapons posted in May last year. The Chinese army said in 2014 that he has a hyper-gold test. While at the beginning of 2016, U.S. military officials said that China has done a successful test.


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