mosque attack newzealand
mosque attack NewZealand
  • march 16 2019

christchurch New Zealand, New  Al Noor mosque— a minimum of forty-nine Muslims were killed in mass shootings.  And shootings at two mosques

filled with worshippers attending Friday prayers on what the prime minister is known as “one of latest Zealand’s darkest days.”

  • al Noor mosque attack full video live

One man was in remission and charged with murder in what gave the impression to be a fastidiously planned racist attack.zeeland police additionally defused explosive devices during an automobile.

mosque attack newzealand
noor mosque in Christchurch


Friday attack, this attack was made on Friday  Two different armed suspects were being commanded in custody. Police aforesaid they were attempting to see however they could be concerned.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern aforesaid the events in city delineated “an extraordinary and new act of violence,” which several of the victims may be migrants or refugees.

“It is obvious that this will currently solely be delineated as terrorism,” Ardern aforesaid.

In addition to the dead, health officers aforesaid 50 people were killed at Christchurch Hospital for shot wounds. Injuries ranged from minor to crucial.

3 men and a girl caught by Zealand police, that aghast folk across the state of five million folks. Police later aforesaid one amongst the arrests did not relate to the shootings.


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