The Kermadec Islands off the coast New Zealand suffered by a huge 7.4 magnitude earthquake.

The quake centred around L'Esperance rock between New Zealand and Tongo
The quake centred around L’Esperance rock between New Zealand and Tongo

The reports say that the quake hit at 11.54pm British time with a tsunami warning in place for coasts three hundred kilometers from the islands.

The Kermadecs are situated 800 kilometers off the north coast of new Zealand.

The earthquake was centered around 150 kilometers from L’Esperance rock, halfway between New Zealand and Tongo.

Kermadec Islands are off the coast of New Zealand
Kermadec Islands are off the coast of New Zealand

The Pacific wave Warning Centre said: “Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters, dangerous tsunami waves are attainable for coasts located at intervals 300 kilometers of the earthquake epicenter.”

No indication of a tsunami threat to different countries but Fiji, Samoa, and also the Solomon Islands, might experience minor sea-level fluctuations.

The centre added; “We are assessing whether or not the M7.4 KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION earthquake poses any tsunami threat to New Zealand,” New Zealand civil defense said.

“If a tsunami has been generated, it’s not going to arrive in New Zealand for a minimum of 2 hours.”

“Based on current info, the initial assessment is that the earthquake is unlikely to have caused a tsunami which will create a threat to NZ.”

Recently they said: “We have already issued a BEACH and MARINE tsunami warning following the M7.4 Kermadec Islands region earthquake.”

The Kermadecs are part of the so-called Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’.


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