Germany prevented Facebook from collecting user data Big news comes on front and the reason is

Germany prevented the collection of new restrictions on Facebook from the social network of popular contacts. According to the details, the ban on the famous Web Sitemap Facebook is decided by German Federal Central Office, the FCA will set new boundaries for Facebook. Foreign news agency said that in the new boundaries, Facebook will also make the procedure for collecting users from Gram and Whats app installed their sub-web sites. German officials. It is said that the


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Facebook administration will be bound to take permission from the user before submitting the data of the user in the future and will not be able to lose the service if the user does not agree. Foreign media says that Facebook will also have to stop consuming users from other sources. The local news agency says that in Germany social domains are only dominated by Facebook, which use around 2.5 million people daily, which is 95% of the market. According to foreign media, using Facebook’s 95 percent of the people means that the German people do not have any other standard service other than Facebook, because the administration is taking advantage of consumer compulsion.

Germany has explained that if Facebook does not apply these restrictions. on Facebook Then 10 percent of its annual income will be penalized. On the other hand, the Facebook administration has decided to appeal to the FCO against the German government’s imposition of sanctions. The Facebook administration says that in Germany Germany has already faced strict rules than other Web sites, it is against German laws to describe separate laws for a single company. An article by

You may already be aware of the fact that you’re giving third-party apps and services access to some or all of your data. when you use Facebook to sign up for them. but did you know your friends are also giving third-party apps and services access to some of your data when they sign up for them?


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