How to earn money online from TikTok and YouTube

earn money online
tik tok

How TikTok+Youtube can help you earn money online $500/day


If you are a TikTok user and waste most of your expensive time on TikTok and you have tons of followers on your profile then it is time when you get some benefits from TikTok & Like every other actor if you are a little famous then your FACE is the money bank you are looking for



So next time you run behind money it is useless to run before fame and once you are a famous person and every second person knows you then you will be like the moon between stars

“Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, and we’ve got 24 hours each.”

But remember one thing that

“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail”

Now you might be thinking why people would pay someone for just who they are or they do silly things. As for that remember one thing that only silly or handsome or some rich person attracts people. Just imagine if you had a business and you somehow got a chance to advertise on the sky what would you chose! “Stars or the Moon” Yes you will definitely choose the moon now the question rise! why would you choose the moon? stars are also there & they also shine the reason is simple we always want more and bigger we can never like someone just like us unless it is infamous movie because if you see someone do what you can also do then your words will be like “so what I can do this too” but if you see someone do the stuff that you cannot.

Then for that, your words will be “lol omg, etc.” After you understand these points and set a mind goal in your daily life then your success will make noise for everything you do. So all there is personality, fame, hard work &and your dreams

if you think that you have all of these then it’s just like a diamond in the treasure box

There are some steps that if you will follow you will earn money online.  the lot and lots of money because all this is about money

 So without wasting any time let’s dig in

earn money online
earn money online

 I.   STEP1= Daily uploads

Just like the above heading you have to update all of your fans and your lover by what you do on a daily bases because people only remember those stars which shines daily and if a star. A new star appears and shines more than every other star in the sky will get people’s attention for only that night but if it appears daily our mind will capture its photo and reminds us of it every time we look at sky and on the next day our mind will force us to look for that star between those hundred and thousands of stars

II.  STEP2= pick a topic

Let’s be a professional and not like other people who just do what is in trending or those who depend on what will be hit tomorrow. Like just imagine if you post a reaction video today on YouTube and on next day you make a video on sodium reactions then there might be a chance that your video gets a lot of views but that will not be your regular user and your work will be cheap and non professional and you will earn money online less the other person who posts only 1 video in a week

but his video was relevant to the previous one and if you are earning from ads then you might get some warning from AdSense  or your ad sense will be banned by Google Policy and if you want to know more simple human language detail about Google’s policy then I will surely write 1 article on that and will contact you.  For that, all you have to do is signup on our newsfeed we  will be updated

III. STEP3= promote your self

Self-promoting is the main thing here now there are many ways to promote yourselves we can also call this marketing in this we are promoting our selves we can do paid promotion as well as free promotions. Choosing right platform what you require matters the most for example if you want to promote a car as for that road posters are the best for that and if we want to sell something about food or pampers for kids then we should go for a TV advertisement so in your case you should post your pics on a photography pages on Facebook or top fashion Instagram pages or other YouTube channels ask them to name your personality in there vide and link one of your video in his suggest link

 IV. STEP4= get advance/follow the latest trends

Now you might be thinking that in step. I talk about not following any type of trends and now I am saying the opposite. Now following trends does not mean that you should do what others are doing it also meant about your personality about what you wear or what is your hair and what is your footwear and if you are wearing a tie and how wide your tie is and what should be the length of your shirt and how many buttons are opens and how many are close. Everything matters.

You don’t want to look old styles and all you have is your personality and peoples love that person who is one step up from the trend so from now quit being old and get a new look as for the new look in now days shaved boys look like Kids they do look cool but beard attracts some class this line is meant for boys actually  and if you are a girl now here comes a point there was once when boys like slim girls but nowadays little healthy girls get more attraction than the slim one so now go out in popular places near you and on the internet and look for what is new in the world and look for the fashion shows ramp walks e.g.

 V. STEP5= Be a regular social user

Always be in touch with the world you are not Justin peoples love those who work for them everyone is selfish to ask everyone opinion

 VI. STEP6= no attitude

To be continued….

The article is in the process we don’t want our viewers to wait. If you are interested in finding all of the info about this article leaves a comment in the Facebook official page post and I will surely update the article



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