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A country can not Change till a nation does not try to alter themselves. Imran Khan appealed to the Pakistanis



Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the people to benefit from the scheme to showcase their assets, help the country stand on foot, get people out of poverty and save the future of their children until we will not tax our The country can not go up, unreliable assets, bank accounts and outgoing money are up to 30 hours. There will be no chance to get opportunity, foreigners’ property and bank accounts have already agreed to the agreement. Great nation

We need to change ourselves to be. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a key message in the nation’s name on Pakistan Television and Radio on Monday, that the debt of Pakistan increased from Rs 6000 billion to 30 billion billion rupees in the last ten years. We collect taxes which are Rs 4,000 billion a year, out of which two billion rupees are spent on paying these loans, and the rest of the money can not cover the country’s expenses. He said that Pakistan is the nation who undoubtedly give the lowest tax, but they are the most blessed ones. He said that if the passion comes in us then we can also collect ten rupees a year tax. He said that our country will not be able to rise up till we do not tax. Unique assets, bank accounts and outgoing money are up to June 30, the appeal is to appeal to the schemes to display assets. Information about unlisted accounts and unauthorized assets and property of Pakistaniis abroad is coming and there are also contracts in this regard. Our government has the information that was not before any government. The prime minister said that unless a nation does not try self, Allah does not change its condition, benefit from the schemes to show assets and benefit the country and keep the future of your children, give the opportunity to make the country fit Stand and get people out of poverty.

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