The Prime Minister who has decided to send Indian Pilot to the world has become the top trend worldwide, the voice of announcement has been heard worldwide, which includes the whole world including India


KARACHI (UNP) Pakistani artists welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to send India back as a passionate tribute. Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the meeting of the Parliament on Wednesday last day, Pilot declared Nandan to return to India. The announcement of Prime Minister’s announcement was conveyed to the whole world including India, his decision was welcomed in the whole world. Imran Khan, praising Imran Khan’s decision, artists associated with Pakistan Shubes Industry said that Imran Khan

The decision won the heart. The singer and actor Ali Zafar praised Imran Khan’s decision saying that we are proud of our country. Now the entire world should be a witness of Pakistan’s new thinking and stand with Pakistan. This series of peace can be an important asset in the region to develop and strengthen the region. Imran Khan is busy winning continuous hearts. The writer, Farooq Saeed, wrote that Lakshkar and actor Farhan Saeed wrote before I was Pakistani. Pride never felt, proudly proud of all my people on my people, on my Prime Minister, whatever peace they want on their army, on their media, who demonstrated a lot of understanding in this whole matter. However, in this case it is sad to see the Indian media, who sparked the propaganda of his people and said, “Azakara Arora Hussain wrote my country, my Prime Minister Imran Khan and my Pak Army have felt so proud of me today. Today, seeing my tears are tears that our whole nation is united for peace and is standing together. Pakistan survivor, Azakara Aroha Hussain, praising Imran Khan’s decision, said Imran Khan ruled over the hearts of the entire nation and people with this greatness and wisdom. Your decision proved to be that humanity is the first. Azakara Vana Malik also praised Imran Khan’s decision, saying that Indian pilot will soon be in the house as a tribute. Haseem Ali Abbasi’s Neubarnati Pilot is now the family of Nandan. Sharing photos, sharing a passionate message while addressing her younger child, said, “Father of water is soldiers, be proud of them. We are sending them back to you, when they come back to you, Thumbing and asked, was there any significance of Modi’s political campaign of death and death? Ask them also: Do you like little Kashmiri children like you too have no right to live with their father? “


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