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The third film of the Renaissance series, "Anabel comes home" will be released on June 28

The third movie of Anabel series full of horrible and exciting scenes, weakened, will be the celebration of the cinemas on June 28- Five years ago, Anabel’s first film five years ago, in which mysterious doll ran a magical spectacle that followed the audience after 2017. The second part also broke the tide of cinema in the cinemas. After the success of the film Anabel’s doubts, the…
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Popular Actor reveal On Alleged Death Of baba Suwe In America

Following claims regarding baba Suwe’s alleged death, a colleague has finally unfolded on the matter. Baba Suwe Popular Yoruba performing artist, Bolaji Amusan, otherwise called Latin, has debunked rumours of the death of his colleague, Baba Suwe, in America. Recall that reports went viral on social media regarding the acknowledged death of baba Suwe, whose real name is Babatunde…
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Who Indian Pilot (Abhinandan) Looks like?

Who Indian Pilot (Abhinandan) Looks like? Abhinandan the Indian pilot reminds me of the character in call of duty modern warfare whose name was captain price which was the main character after the player and he has a big role in the previous version of game call duty Indian pilot john Commander John Price Real history Commander John Price is a fundamental anecdotal character in the Call of Duty…
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