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white terrorist

Last Friday, 50 worshipers were martyred in the attacks on the Christian Church of Christianity, the New Zealand police said that the Australian terrorists were arrested when they were heading to third-party. The police said that the 21st incident was reported. In the minute the accused was arrested, the armed man was arrested by the two personnel. According to police, the police took 10 minutes to reach the place of armed and armed in the attack. Kiwi officials say that the video of the attack on the mosque A job-seeking employee has been excluded from work in direct scenes. Meanwhile, Prime Minister New Zealand In a press conference, Friday will be broadcast directly from Azan Radio and Television. Apart from this, there will also be 2-minute silence in New Zealand, and we want to support the Muslim community so that they return to the mosques. Come on, especially on Friday. After meeting the attack, the first meeting with the officials reached and motivated them. On this occasion, he said that there should be a space in the country where violence cannot be ascertained. Jeddah Ordney also visited Kashmir High School in the Christian Church, many of the martyrdom were from this school.

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