plastic in ocean
plastic in ocean

According to a survey report, the ocean-based plastic crude oxygen-making bacterial development is a major hit in the atmosphere that produces 10% oxygen in the atmosphere. It seems that it is in bacterial plastic The bacterium is said to be called pro kilo rocox .It is a type of signature bacteria and we have discovered it only 30 years ago .Very compilation on the entire planet (photography orthopedic sentence) ) This is the world’s smallest natural machine

And it is taken to large amounts of bacterial porcelain intake .It not only keeps water healthy and fresh, but also provides oxygen to survive. Also, the main ingredient of seafood is that bacterial .This carbon There are also a major part of the cycle, and they also naturally form oxygen. Experts believe that the pile of plastic is making more changes in oceans than their expectations, and thus, the bacterial supplement of compulsory oxidation is also obstructing. Only in Atlantic, there are two trillion pieces of microscopic (micro) plastic, from which chemical compounds are adverse effects on human bacterial bacteria. Experts say we have experimented in laboratory but need more research in this regard.


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