Line of control

The forces of India and Pakistan attacked the rest of the country on the control line in Poonch district last day. According to the media, the forces of the two countries used medium and heavy weapons targeting the next checkpoint of each other. On the other hand, the exchange of bullet exchange was continuing till the last information was received, but there was no loss or financial loss. On the other hand, India has rejected Pakistan’s proposal for peace and reconciliation in the region, the Indian Foreign Ministry has said that Terrorism

Terrorism and dialogue cannot be held together if Pakistan is serious in improving relations, then India should take action against anti-elements elements. Narendra Modi has always given priority to peace and development in his region. India demanded from Pakistan to take action against pure elements and to present a statement on key issues, including adding specific controversial elements to the committee related to the Kartarpur Corridor. According to the Indian newspaper, India has rejected India’s proposal to interact with Pakistan and said terrorism and dialogue cannot be gathered together. According to the Indian newspaper, Bhopal Singh, Member of the Avenue-Trust Property Property Board of Pakistan, on the occasion of raising anti-India slogans from rice, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ravish Kumar said that our position is very clear Earlier, the Pakistan government has taken action against the elements involved in anti-activities activities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported news about Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Imran Khan meeting at Bishkek Headquarters Summit on June 14 and 14 in Bishkek. Denounced and said that between the two leaders Nor is there likely is no proposal under consideration in this regard.


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