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Pakistanis’ billions of dollars seem to be drowned, fear of sinking the biggest investment in Pakistan’s history; Overseas Pakistanis’ appeals to be chief justice Saqib Nisar ‘on twitter

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar

According to analysts, ‘Appeal to Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’ became top rank on Twitter by the Overseas Pakistanis, fearing the billions of dollars invested by the Overseas Pakistanis in Lahore (Monitoring Desk) Navy Town Karachi. The largest investment in Pakistanis abroad, which has been in Pakistan, has been in Navy Town Karachi.

The investor in the Navy Town is asking Pakistan to do what we should do, our crime should be told, we have invested such a huge amount of money. We have been depriving of our entire life tax, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will be merciful to us. The Navy Town decided Karachi case soon. According to the details, the appellate Pakistan Chief Justice Saqib Nisar became the top trumpet on Twitter by the victims of Navy Town Karachi victims. On the outskirts of Pakistan, in his tweets, the apex court, appealing to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, said “God! Their investment should be avoided by coding and Navy Town decided to decide Karachi case as soon as possible. The Overseas Pakistanis said that the navy Town launches in Karachi 2013, and about 2 lakh Pakistanis invested in this project’s entire budget. Millions of Pakistanis and Overseas Overseas books booked Plots in Navy Town Karachi and regularly kept collecting their episodes for five years. Navy Town Karachi had regular NOC at the time the booking was started in 2013 and all newspapers and TV channels ran advertisements.

A government institution did not object to this and neither the public was warned. At this time there was no obstacle in them, there was no judicial order nor any government official There was no public announcement or notice that there was no transparency in the land and the transactions of the land were not visible, no one declared or stopped in this regard on the government or official level, and the Overseas Pakistanis, Invested his lifetime pension from the UK, Europe, Australia also the Middle East in this project. Sis Pakistanis invested in Navy Towns across the world, when foreigners in Pakistan were living in their Navy Town Karachi, Navy Town, Karachi. The situation was very stupid and caught due to a court hearing and legal complications in Navy Town Karachi. Due to which the tariff prices have fallen down and seals remain closed,

Now the future of Navy Town Karachi is uncertainty and that is why one has created a sorrow in Overseas Pakistanis, what will happen to their investments? Overseas Pakistanis on social media say in their video messages. Whenever Pakistan needed Pakistan, Overseas Pakistanis played a great role in it. Now they have paid their regular tax pay here for 20-25 years of money by sending banking channels to invest in Navy Town but now there are reports that have troubled them. Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan and Supreme Court of Pakistan, to resolve matters, and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will save the millions of Pakistanis from sinking money by deciding this case before their retirement.

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