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Romance comedy movie “Herrman Jee” trailer released as a popular release

heer maan ja review

Heer Man Ja

The trailer of the new romantic comedy film “Heer Man Ja”, Hummer Farooq and Ali Rehman, succeeded in attending the attention of the fans. The actress Kamfaq Jafri’s romantic comedy film “‘Heyman Ja’ ‘ Rehman and Rahim Farooq has played the main role. The Distributor Club has hosted the entertainment roller coaster ride “Harden Ja Ja” for the fans of Pakistani films on the occasion of the festival of happiness. The trailer of “Hir Ma Ja Ja” with the last daily training program All the cinemas of the country have been released

The movie circles, as well as viewers, also appreciated. The trailer on YouTube has seen around 9 lakh people during 24 hours, while the trailer is highly appreciated by the consumers. The film “Hare Me Ja Ja”, which is being made for the IRE banner, There is a new offer which has made films such as “Janan” and “Paparazzi”, while the film’s main cast, Ali Rehman Khan and Hummer Farooq, have played many plays before and in the movie “Slip”. The films are shown, that is why film circles are waiting for the film’s intensity. The story of Family has been written carefully by the circumstances and problems facing the young generation, while prominent artist Maqal Zulfiqar R, Amina Sheikh, syzaly Khan, Abid Ali and Ahmed Ali Akbar Qureshi guest characters were featured in the movie beauty lady. The romantic and comedy film festival will be presented for printing.

heer maan ja review

heer man ja review

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