New York (Online) Secretary General UN Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the announcement of the release of Indian Pilot. Secretary-General of the United Nations

Russian general 1
Russian general

Imran Khan welcomed the announcement of the release of the Indian pilot, saying that the announcement of the release of the Indian pilot is highly appreciated. The UN has said that the Secretary-General, accompanied by the United Nations and India There are many levels in touch, both countries and the international community should take measures to reduce stress. According to the spokesman, President Marie Spezia also said


India has expressed its concern over the tension of India and said that resolving issues are in talks. During the meeting of the meeting on the last day, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the Indian pilot as a piece of good news was announced to be a new Niranwara cohort. Russia has also offered mediation between Pakistan and India, on the other hand, in the telephonic conversation with the Indian Prime Minister, President Putin hoped for the early ending of Indo-Pak tension. The United Nations Secretary-General

Antonio Magistrates The release of Indian pilot was welcomed and said that he was a pilot No announcement has been watching as a Pakistani effort to alleviate the stress.


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