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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) airline has continued its operations, despite the warranty of air safety after the United States’s recent increase in the Middle East. US embassies feared that the passenger plane passing through Gulf Persia could cause tension in the region due to an increase in tension due to an error or misconception by the Iranian army. Atomic, Alamar and Fly Dubai Sunday He told the day that he did not make any changes to his flight plans while keeping an eye on the situation Alamanda’s spokesman said that our flight operations have not been changed at the moment, we are in contact with the United Arab Emirates and the international authorities and are keeping an eye on the situation. Airlines assured The safety of their operations is the first priority and no compromise will be done. Qadri said he was also a member of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority and a global airline service provider Flight Dubai spokesman said pilots are flying on internationally-approved routes, Hami We are aware of the concerns and we will continue to contact our regulator by reviewing the situation. This announcement has been made by the Arab authorities by the drone attacks on the country’s oil company last week and the United Arab Emirates The oil vessels were hit by the shore on the coast, and these attacks are being described as an ongoing threat between Iran and the United States. According to reports, Iran’s traveler has no intention of targeting, but stress The target of target killers and advanced anti-aircraft weapons The presence of an accident or a false identity is likely to be an attack on a passenger plane. It also said that Navigation Navigation devices may also face problems which can not be disconnected without informing.


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