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Trump waning to Iran

US President Donald Trump has strongly warned Iran that if the two countries fought, Iran would be destroyed. In his message on Twitter, the US President said that the US should be avoided again and again, but Iran If the war wants the war, it will be a regular termination of Iran. This message from the US President has come to an occasion when relations between the two countries are touching the new heights of stress. The US has posted more warplanes and planes in Gulf Persia during the month of the month. Meanwhile, Trumps have rejected the prospects of war against Iran before this tweet reflects their behavior in the behavior. The US President spoke to his advisors while saying that he does not want Iran to form a form of pressure. On Thursday, when the journalists discovered that America was going to fight Iran,

The answer was that he was optimistic that it would not happen. Only Iran despite the growing tension, was expected to fight the war. Did you deny it? Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zafar emphasized that his country is not willing to fight. Zafar said that there will be no war because we do not want war and nobody is afraid of that fraud. Iran can tease Iran in the region.

The recent tension began to suspend the implementation of the nuclear deal in Iran by 2015. Iran also threatens to resume uranium enrichment. It can be used in the uranium nuclear reactor fuel and nuclear weapons production. The United States has deployed ‘USSR Lincoln’ navy fleet in the Gulf and plans to send one million 20,000 soldiers in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the United States has issued orders to withdraw from Iraq to the diplomatic staff The US military has threatening American interests in the region. Georgian and Dutch soldiers say they have suspended the ongoing military training program in Iraq.


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