china wall
china wall

According to the foreign news agency, the historic wall is China’s large pieces of cuts and many parts are likely to boil the ground with rain. According to the newspaper, natural disasters are also accelerating wall-free processes. According to experts, if steps were not taken to improve the current situation, it would be likely to the eradicated further part of the Wall of China in the coming years. China is world-leading construction work in the world.

And its length is about 5,000 km. One of the seven divisions of the world, the beginning of the construction of the wall of China was started two thousand years ago. Chen Hong Kong, China’s first king, started building the wall to protect the country from enemies. 25 thousand posts have been set up on the wall. With the help of these checkpoints, the invading of invaders can be seen. In 1987, Wall China was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many legendary things are about famous China. Many astrologers claim that this is the only thing on earth that looks like space. Some have also claimed that the picture has been taken from space. Millions of tourists from all over the world turn to China everywhere with the hands of human hands.


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